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The Business Espionage Report includes Tips, Techniques and Perspectives from many sources, including The Indagator's Notebook.

(In·da·gate [in-duh-geyt], to investigate; research in·da·ga·tor, noun, to track down,  ring of beaters, nets, for trapping game. (Random House, Inc.) 

Cows, Calves, and Copyrights
by W.M. Johnson, PhD

Copyright disputes are nothing new. One of the first ones recorded was before
AD 563 and involved Colm Cille, a patron saint of Ireland.
Colm Cille was born in Gartan, County Donegal, and founded monasteries at Derry,
Swords, Durrow and Kells. He secretly made a copy of a psalter belonging to St. Finnian,
his old teacher, who demanded the return of the copy.
Their dispute was taken to the High King who made what is regarded as the world's
first copyright ruling: "to every cow belongs its calf, to every book its copy." 
In anger, Colm Cille raised an army against the king but was defeated.
Irish History From Prehistoric Times to the Present Day, Parragon Publishing, 1999.

Copyright disputes are waged in the courts these days, with lawyers as weapons.

* Quote from The Indagator's Notebook , (TBER Vol. 30, No. 11, 6/1/16)