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   Intelligence agents and others who do in-depth research are called Indagators. They ask the hard questions, the
who, what, when and where of an event that is often missing from social media and other questionable sources.

BECCA Indagators have always been an important resource.          

/verb (used with object), in·da·gat·ed, in·da·gat·ing. Archaic.
to investigate; research.
1615–25;  < Latin indāgātus,  past participle of indāgāre  to track down, verbal derivative of indāgō  ring of beaters, nets, etc., for trapping game, equivalent to ind-,  by-form of in- in-2  (see endo-) + -āgō,  derivative of agere  to drive (cf. ambages)
Related forms
in·da·ga·tion, noun
in·da·ga·tive, adjective
in·da·ga·tor, noun
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