The Certified Confidentiality Officer (CCO) Program

 The New Certified Confidentiality Officer (CCO) Essay Test:

A Review:
By John Kanalis, BECCA Europe Administrator

Each "turn" on BECCA's journey over the years acts as a cornerstone on the evolution of security science and in particular,
its scientific sub-field of business espionage, proving that science is dynamic when its researchers want to offer more.
The new essay test consists of an excellent choice of questions that correspond to academic levels. Then, most important
is that each question "forces" the candidate to think, analyze, synthesize and cite his/her point of view. View not arbitrary
but based on actual research, study and experience. Secondly, carefully selected material of the examined candidate could
open-in my opinion- further research fields.
The new examination tests the candidates's ability to evaluate, synthesize, and apply what they have learned in the CCO
Program. Candidates must answer forty (40) test questions in written form by writing short paragraphs to:

Identify, describe and explain a problem
Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of a statement  
State why they agree or disagree with a published report
Identify the similarities and differences between items
Discuss the major causes of an adverse event
Describe a situation that illustrates a principle.

 CCO Recertification 
Current CCOs receive credits toward Recertification by submitting articles for The Business Espionage Report, BECCA Journal,
and/or contributing to our other ongoing research projects. Recertification term is for three (3) calendar years and requires a
total of 60 CPE credits per term for continuing education, authorship, and instruction, including Customized Independent Study.
Contact BECCA using your CCO Registration Number for more information (

Who is eligible for CCO certification?
Applicants must be professionals with a minimum of three (3) years experience and have performed, or had responsibility for, 
a minimum of five (5) security audits, surveys, or inspections in either the public or the private sector. They must also pass the CertifiedConfidentiality Officer (CCO) written examination.
Why should I become a CCO?
You may be an intelligence specialist in government service or a manager, consultant or instructor in the private sector. You may already have several certifications but want to know more about Business Espionage to show employers and others that you are serious about business espionage controls and countermeasures.
What are the costs?
$350 Certification Fee in U.S. 
The fee covers the ebook "101 Questions & Answers About Business Espionage," the Exam, and the CCO Certificate and ID Card. The Certificate and ID card are mailed by USPS Priority Mail to those who successfully complete the program.
When can I start?
If you meet the requirements, you can start now.
1. Complete the CCO Application and send it to   
(Do not include the certification fee at this time.)
2. We will review your application, answer any questions you may have and contact you when your application is accepted.  
The certification fee of $350 becomes due at that time.
3. When the fee is paid you will receive instructions regarding the exam.  You may take the exam online when you are ready.

Contact for a CCO Program Application.