The Business Espionage Controls & Countermeasures

Association (BECCA) ®

Founded in 1986 by William M. Johnson, Ph.D

BECCA incorporated as a Non-Profit Corporation in June, 1990

Business Espionage Report (TBER) first Published September, 1986

Certified Confidentiality Officer (CCO) Program established March, 1992
(Federal Register vol. 57)

The News - December 2018 

* The Business Espionage Report (TBER) *

Tips from The Indagator’s Notebook are now included in TBER.
See The Report page for more information

TBER is sent only to Contributing Members. 
We thank the members who are contributing articles, book reviews, tips from the field, and other information we can use in TBER and our other publications. TBER includes a monthly “Your Turn!” column for members to actively participate in research and sharing of information. Members's responses to the questions in the “Your Turn!” column will affect their membership status.


The CCO test has been updated.
See the CCO Program page for more information.

The Journal has been updated.
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