The International Journal of the Business Espionage Controls & Cohuntermeasures Association (BECCA)

ISSN 2168-9741 (International Standard Serial Number)
 Publication Guidelines


The International Journal of the Business Espionage Controls & Countermeasures Association (BECCA) is concerned with security issues involved in identifying and preventing business espionage in the global business community and the advancement of the free exchange of research and knowledge in the field.
We invite white papers, research papers, opinion papers, manuscripts, reports, and reviews of tests, books, and other media of interest to practitioners and scholars of the Four Faces of Business Espionage controls and countermeasures, and related security topics.
The Journal will consider only original and unpublished materials not under current consideration by others.


Submission: Electronic format via email.
Manuscript Preparation: Double-spaced, using Microsoft Word, Times Roman or Arial, 12 pt. preferred.
Style: Manuscripts should conform to the Chicago Manual of Style.
Title Page: Title page should show tentative title and list names of all of the authors, their affiliations, addresses and contact information, and disclose any financial support and sources of sponsorship, when applicable.
If the paper was presented, the name of the organization, location and date of the presentation.
Abstract: Submitted with the manuscript and stating the issue or problem, research method, and conclusion. Include the number of pages and word count. (Approximate length of abstract: 120-150 words.)
Reviews: Book and other reviews of recently published works should list title, author, publisher, date of publication, number of pages, ISBN, cost, and reference citations.
Length of Manuscript: Open, depending on the subject, content, and depth of study.
It is the author’s responsibility to acknowledge all sources of included materials and credit all sources, references, quotations, charts, graphs, tables, etc.  Authors are responsible for obtaining permissions and/or licensing from the original authors.
Citations: All sources in the text (in parentheses) should include names of authors, year of publication, and page numbers, where applicable.
References: An alphabetical list of all references should appear at the end of the manuscript.
Footnotes: Used for comments only, numbered consecutively, and at the bottom of each page.
Proposals and Queries: Should include a tentative title, subject, a brief description, and a one-page bio of the author.
Submissions will undergo a peer-review process. The Editor of the Journal will review submissions for content and forward them for review.
Contact for more information.