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Membership is FREE to qualified applicants who contribute research papers, training materials, or other information we can use in our research projects. Contact BECCA for a Membership Application if you want to help with our research.    

Our newsletter, The Business Espionage Report (TBER), is sent only to active and Contributing Members.

Business espionage controls and countermeasures is a management function. Managers know the value of proprietary information and other informational assets. They turn to the Business Espionage Controls & Countermeasures Association (BECCA) for help in protecting their critical business secrets. The actions they take show stockholders, employers, courts, clients, and others that they are serious about the security of their critical business information.

BECCA members include business executives, management consultants, information, technical and physical security specialists, military and other DOD personnel, attorneys, investigators, law enforcement officials, and others concerned with business espionage issues.

If you are concerned with, or have responsibility for protection of sensitive information, trade secrets, and other intellectual assets, you may be eligible for membership. Membership in BECCA is FREE to qualified applicants, both in the PUBLIC and PRIVATE sectors.

The BECCA Membership Roster and Certified Confidentiality Officer (CCO) Register are kept in the Shoreline, WA office. If you have questions about membership or the CCO Program, contact us at

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